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Peak: The Best Online Service for Hormone Optimization


Article at a Glance

  • Peak is a startup health service platform focused on hormone testing and optimization treatment solutions through telemedicine.
  • Consultations with Peak physicians mean you’re talking to highly trained specialists in endocrinology, urology, internal medicine and hormone replacement therapy.
  • Peak is the best available telehealth platform for hormone testing and optimization for three simple but essential reasons: Reliability, affordability and convenience.

When your testosterone is low, all of you feels low – energy, mood, everything. You put on weight, muscle turns into belly fat and your libido becomes a no-show. You aren’t the only man feeling this way – more than one out of four men aged 30 and over experience hypogonadism, also known as clinically significant hormone deficiency or, more commonly, low testosterone.

Though there had been little study of “Low T” previously, the medical community takes this issue more seriously today. So do various companies, which are starting to tackle the problem head-on through testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). One such firm is Peak, a startup health service platform focused on hormone testing and optimization treatment solutions via telemedicine. It’s a great service that’s incredibly efficient, effective and affordable.

Here’s why we recommend Peak:


Your testing kit is mailed to your house and includes everything you’ll need to collect blood samples. Take the test as instructed and mail your collected blood samples to the lab.

Once the lab tests your samples and the results are ready, you’ll video chat with one of Peak’s network of certified physicians. The doctor will review your results with you, discuss how you’re feeling and prescribe a treatment plan that’s customized to your specific clinical needs. Treatment plan may include supplements, prescription medication as well as testosterone.

Whether you’re taking the at-home test kit, uploading your own lab work or consulting virtually with a Peak physician, you’re doing everything from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Peak began its remote testing and telemedical services in March 2020, before the widespread medical community started urging people to limit their everyday travel. Delivering such services puts Peak far ahead of the learning curve even as health facilities and companies continue to struggle with adjusting to new methods of testing, diagnosis and monthly treatment.


The price is beyond right – $45 for an at-home hormone testing kit and a video consultation with a board-certified Peak physician. Going to a local lab for these tests, plus making an appointment to see a specialist, can be super-time consuming and super-costly – we’re talking anywhere from $75 to $350. This is a terrific service at a can’t-beat price.

It’s true that Peak’s services are currently not available through insurance. However, the insurances that cover TRT are few and far between, and Peak’s pricing matches or beats many of those firms’ co-pays. Plus, Peak accepts Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards, which can take some of the sting out of payment.


Peak only partners with independent CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) or CAP (College of American Pathologists) accredited labs that will analyze the sample and publish your results to the Peak platform. 

Peak has thoroughly vetted its network of physicians, all of whom are board-certified and specialize in endocrinology, urology, internal medicine and hormone replacement therapy, so they’re best suited to diagnose and treat your levels. The average consultation runs about 30 minutes – a healthy amount of time for you and your physician to ask each other questions, go over treatment options as well as discuss their benefits and potential side effects. The initial consultation is done via a telemedicine video conference that is fully HIPAA compliant, meaning your privacy and medical information are completely secure. 

Peak has partnered with a NAPB and LegitScript pharmacy to provide all the prescribed medications, including testosterone, clomid and anastrozole. They source supplements from only the highest quality ingredients available, and they follow strict manufacturing practices. 

Personalized Treatment Plan

Peak offers testosterone replacement therapy via subcutaneous injection, troche (a lozenge that dissolves under your tongue) and cream alongside other prescription medications such as clomid and anastrozole. Your Peak physician will work with you to determine which form of treatment is best for you. Though results will vary, the benefits of TRT can be plentiful:

  • Increased energy as well as muscle and bone mass density (BMD)
  • A decrease in body fat
  • Improved mood and cognitive function and mood
  • Re-energized libido

After your doctor and you have agreed to your preference of TRT, you’ll subscribe to Peak’s prescription tier. Peak’s pricing plans, which vary depending on the type of treatment prescribed, are very competitive, starting at $120 a month. That price includes:

  • TRT prescriptions along with the accessories required for taking them (needles, alcohol swabs, etc.)
  • Ongoing virtual consultations with your Peak physician via video, call or chat
  • An at-home hormone retesting kit every 90 days, so the doctor can monitor your levels and adjust your treatment as necessary  (Important note: If you don’t complete your test every three months as instructed, you risk delaying future deliveries of your medication.)
  • 24/7 access to Peak’s platform, including your medical files

What Makes Peak Stand Out From The Pack

There are several brands available for men with low testosterone, which really is a great thing to have. Men now have choices that didn’t exist even five years ago. Peak, however, has quickly established itself as the best among those existing choices today, for three simple but essential reasons: Reliability, affordability and convenience.

That last reason is huge. At-home testing, diagnosis and treatment, from start to finish, in the current world environment isn’t just a welcome addition. It’s a vital one, and Peak, despite being in its formative year, is already leading the way. Plus, the prescription tier, as we’ve already stated, is very reasonably priced.

The bottom line here is that men now have a valuable resource to address their hormone imbalances, and they can do so privately and without the runaround that ensues for any outside clinical treatment. You may decide that Peak isn’t for you, but there’s no better way to find that out than to try the at-home test kit and see how the process works for yourself. We think you and your body will be pleased with the outcome.




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