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We dare to design the future of aging and redefine what it means to age 'gracefully.'

We don't believe aging is just a part of life you should accept, we believe that it's possible to get better and become sexier as the days rack up...

Prime is the largest peak performance, human optimization, and longevity platform to help you turn back the clock and making aging your bitch…

We want to help you extend your Prime and get more moments, you know the priceless kinds, more wins, and more importantly be at your best for the people you love…

Prime was started when our Founder and CEO started to feel premature aging at 35 and his traditional doctors couldn't really help him...that is until he stumbled onto the world of age management medicine, peak performance, and human optimization.



We build social value by helping people become the best version of themselves.

We work for your trust and value our credibility above all

We believe that if you think outside the box you can expand human potential

We live and practice our own mission

Outperform and be the standard-bearer for the industry

The Prime Team

Dr. Tina Mine

Longevity Contributor, PhD Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Amina Dehbi

Longevity Contributor, MS Biomedical Sciences

Tim Stodz

Chief Product Officer

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski

Chief Medical Editor, MD, Esq

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