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My stack

You deserve to stay in your prime, maybe catch a second wind, and have a real chance to become a better version of yourself.

  • Name: Saad Alam

    Height: 5' 8''

    Weight: 172 lbs

    Age: 36

    Origin: Pakistani American

    Occupation: CEO of Prime, Board Climb.Jobs, Adviser RallyPoint, Partner Rachel

    Health Moment:

    When I turned 35 I started going through the aging process pretty quickly.


    My thinking slowed down and and my ability to think deeply through complex concepts was greatly reduced. I was not able to multi-task as well.


    Workouts started to get progressively harder. I went from being very muscular with a high metabolism that could easily work out 5-6 days per week for 1 to 1.5 hours to 3 days per week for 45 minutes.


    My body started to look soft and the fat around my midsection increased, while I started to get skinny everywhere else regardless of having a nearly perfect diet.


    I developed a burning stomach pain in my upper right belly that became worse as the night went on.


    I started to become a little more irritable than normal.


    It was hard to wake up in the morning on time, and when I got out of bed everything just felt more difficult.

    What I Felt

    My confidence started slipping since my ability to produce was declining, and my dreams about providing for my family were rattled.  I haven’t learned how to describe it, but the best word is frustration, since I was doing all the things I THOUGHT, were right, which worked great in the past, but they were producing the opposite results and I was getting worse.

    I almost started resigning myself to the fact that I was just going through an aging process and it’s part of life. The feeling is like I was losing a battle against time that I had no chance of winning so I should just accept it.

    I was constantly thinking of my family now, and in the future and I felt like I was a failure since all of the things that I promised were most probably pipe dreams.

    I want to feel like I am 31 again, which is when I felt like I was in my Prime. I want to be able to work for 14 hours a day again without taking too many breaks so I can continue building great companies that impact the world.

    I want to be able to learn about new concepts and quickly implement them in my practice.

    I want to be at peace in my mind that I am beginning to age faster every day and racing towards a chronic disease like my father.

    I want to get back to 185 lbs and 6% body fat, and workout 6 days per week.




    My stack is abnormally extensive, and I know that it’s longer than most people's but I am willing to try and do whatever it takes to keep myself operating in the best condition from the inside out.



    • Weights 3x per week
    • Cardio 3x per week (Peloton, Sprint, HIT)


    • Vit D (5000 IU)
    • Vit C 2x per day (1000 mgs 1x per day)
    • Krill Oil (1250 mgs 1x per day)
    • Organifi - Plant based protein (20 grams 2x per day)
    • Ultra 30 Probiotics - 30B CFU (2x per day at night)
    • Nutrafol
    • Athletic Greens


    • Headspace 2x per day
    • Binaural Beats (Spotify - Focus)
    • 5 Min Journal
    • Habit List (habit tracking app)


    • Hot Sauna 3x per week


    • 23andMe
    • Dynamic DNA
    • Teloyears
    • EverlyWell
    • Metabolic Profile





    • NMN


    • CALM
    • Productive (switching out habit list)


    • In-home Infrared Panel
    • Vielight
    • Muse
    • Haloneuro


    • Viome


    • Metabolic Profile 1x 90days



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