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Impact Health NYC - Advanced Regenerative and Peak Performance

71 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA
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Impact Health is the brainchild of regenerative health guru and thought leader Dr. Halland who has rapidly built a reputation as one of nation’s leading clinicians of anti-aging therapy. He has been featured in Elle, Forbes, Vice, and HBO and worked with elite athletes from Michelle Wie to Olympic Gold Medalists. He practices what he preaches and uses himself as a test subject before rolling out new therapies to his patients.  You might see him administering stem cells, exosomes, PRP online or walking around Manhattan during winter without a coat after mastering Wim-Hoff techniques while simultaneously wearing 4 sleep trackers at once while he compares output.

He doesn’t believe there is any single solution that leads to longevity, but rather a holistic approach that utilizes multiple angles and modalities.  Impact Health has healing foods, cutting edge efficient exercise workout equipment, cryotherapy, cold plunges, cognitive enhancements, infrared therapy, IV drip therapy, stem cells, exosomes, regenerative medicine, NAD infusions.

The first brick and mortar location will open in Manhattan in Spring of 2019, but you can reach Dr. Halland at the number below for consultation prior.