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A New Healthcare Model at Next Health

Next Health is the model for what the healthcare of tomorrow is supposed to look like. Dr. Darshan Shah teamed with entrepreneur Kevin Peake to develop the concept that offers medical consultations, several different therapies, tech wearables, and so much more all out of a retail storefront. Dr. Shah says, “I really feel, and I really believe, it is my personal mission is to change how people think about their health so they never get to that point where they need a hospital, where they need the pharmaceutical industry, where they need to go to the operating room in the first place.” It is that mentality and that passion that created Next Health and has provided access to restorative and longevity solutions to thousands of people.

In this Deep Dive, you will learn …

What is Next Health and who is Dr. Darshan Shah (0:18)

  • Next Health is an optimization and longevity center
  • Bring all of the latest technologies under one roof in a retail environment
  • Dr. Shah has been a physician for nearly 25 years and spent most of his career as a surgeon
  • Realized medicine had a PR problem and that doctors were looking to remove symptoms, rather than cure the actual problem

Dr. Shah’s philosophy on wellness (2:08)

  • People need to start looking at their health at 30 or 40
  • Disease truly begins when you’re in your 30’s and planning for a long life begins then too
  • He strongly favors preventative medicine over the current model of healthcare
  • Sees wellness and prevention as his “personal mission”
  • Doesn’t think healthcare needs to be administered in a place that feels sterile

The future of medicine and the future of Next Health (4:32)

  • Thinks the future of wellness will eliminate hospitals, pharma industry
  • His goal is to eliminate the pharma industry, which profits off disease
  • Hopes Next Health can be a model for others who want to employ a similar approach
  • Wants to be in every city in the world and helping people
  • Encourages young people to start acting like the beginnings of disease are starting now because they are

Kevin Peake and Next Health facility tour (7:43)

  • Kevin is an entrepreneur and is the President and Co-Founder of Next Health
  • Sees a need to disrupt the healthcare industry
  • Retail section of the store with wearable tech, supplements, nootropics
  • Next Health offers, IV therapy, cryotherapy, IR light therapy, an LED bed,
  • They are able to test for everything through a blood draw like genetics, food sensitivities, micronutrients, hormones, telomere length, thyroid, gut health and you also have a medical consultation with a nurse
  • Next Beauty Division includes aesthetic services like lasers, fillers, Botox, PRP, and more
  • Biomarker room with 3D scanner

Full Transcript

Narrator: Let’s face it, you’re going to get older every year, but you don’t have to age the same way your parents did. Technology is giving us options. Prime connects you to the people, the science, and the solutions that make getting older sexy. It’s simple, live longer, get stronger, and love more.

Darshan Shah: Hi, I’m Dr. Shah with Next Health. Next Health is a health optimization and longevity center where we bring all the latest technologies in health optimization and longevity under one roof in a fun retail environment, so that the average person can come in and take advantage of everything that’s available and the newest technology available now.

Darshan Shah: A little bit about my journey. I started as physician almost 25 years ago. When I first graduated from medical school I went straight into becoming a surgeon. That’s where my passion was. I was a surgeon for many years, about 20 years, and did everything in surgery you can imagine from general surgery to heart surgery to trauma. I did a lot of trauma, worked in a lot of emergency rooms. I also worked in the Navy. I tell you all that because in the Navy I basically did primary care. I got this broad kind of experience in medicine.

Darshan Shah: What I discovered, being in medicine for so long, was that medicine had a huge PR problem. No one wanted to go to the doctor, the hospital, or to the emergency room. That was the last place you want to be. Secondly, when you did get there, everything was backwards. Everyone only wanted to focus on how do we take your symptoms away versus cure the actual problem.

Darshan Shah: I decided to reinvent myself about five years ago. That’s where Next Health came to be. What I wanted to do was really turn around the entire way people think about their medical interactions, about their healthcare. Bring it back to healthcare versus disease care, and really have a place where people can go where they feel safe, and they feel welcome to actually participate in their own health and to learn about their bodies, to learn about how to make themselves healthier and stay healthy so they don’t need the hospital later on in life.

Interviewer: What is your personal philosophy on wellness?

Darshan Shah: My personal philosophy on wellness is that everyone needs to realize and rethink how they think about their own health. What every single disease that we have in our 70s and 80s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, all starts 30 to 40 years ahead of time. Really the beginnings are when you’re in your 30s. That’s when you need to start looking at your health, learning about your health, taking care of yourself and optimizing your health, so you don’t end up in a disease state in your later on years in life. Stay healthy as long as you can. It really starts at a much younger age.

Interviewer: Why do you feel so strongly about the wellness and preventative medicine industry?

Darshan Shah: The reason I’m a big advocate about wellness and preventative medicine industry is that the entire industry right now is focused on the exact opposite. They wait till you get sick. Then you get diagnosed with an illness or a disease, and you’re treating symptoms of the disease. 90% of our healthcare dollars or more goes into disease care and symptom prevention versus health optimization and keeping yourself healthy so you never get there.

Darshan Shah: I really feel, and I really believe it is my personal mission is to change how people think about their health so they never get to that point where they need a hospital, where they need the pharmaceutical industry, where they need to go to the operating room in the first place. I think if you really refocus where the attention is, we can save billions of dollars, trillions of dollars in healthcare. Each individual person will just lead a happier and healthier life.

Interviewer: What really differentiates Next Health from other wellness clinics?

Darshan Shah: What you’re going to find different about Next Health from all the other wellness clinics out there is, number one, our really welcoming, high-tech, fun environment. I don’t think healthcare needs to be administered in a place that’s sterile or that you have to wait in a waiting room to get services. We put everything under one roof, and you literally walk in, in our front door, it feels fun. It feels amazing, kind of like going to your favorite gym or your favorite fitness class. You can come here and get high-level wellness services under a medical environment, but it’s still a fun experience.

Interviewer: I love that, okay. I think it’s [inaudible 00:04:22]. Okay. Where do you think that the future of wellness is going?

Darshan Shah: I really believe that the future of wellness is eliminating most hospitals, eliminating the pharmaceutical industry, and really making it so that entire industry basically becomes unneeded. I think we’re going to get there in the next 100 years for sure. I don’t think anyone needs to really be in the hospital. I think most problems will get to a point where we can take care of them at home. I think, unless you have a traumatic injury or something, you’re never going to have to go to the emergency room or urgent care because we’re going to figure out ways to eliminate sickness right at the beginning when you do get sick. We’re going to figure out how to treat it before you get into problems that make you wind up in the hospital.

Darshan Shah: My goal and dream in life is to eliminate the pharmaceutical industry, the industry that treats and profits off of disease, and that treats and profits off of symptom management versus getting to the core of why you’re ill in the first place.

Interviewer: Do you think every clinic in the coming years will be similar to yours, and how will yours be different to that?

Darshan Shah: I really feel that it’s going to take a long time to change the healthcare industry. It’s already so ingrained in the old ways of thinking and the old processes. I don’t know how long it’s going to take for the waiting room to go away, but it’s going to take a long time. I think, I hope and I dream that in the future that we can serve as an example for everyone to change how they make clinics, and how they design their clinics, and the philosophies around their clinics. I really think it’s going to be a while. We’re so honored to be part of the charge forward in this movement of changing how healthcare clinics operate, and how they think about their patients, and their interactions, and how to treat disease.

Interviewer: Okay. I think we’re almost at the end here. [inaudible 00:06:17]. Okay. What is the future of Next Health?

Darshan Shah: Okay. The future of Next Health, my dream, is that we be in every single city in the world, and we can help people stay healthy, and we become part of a larger movement that really refocuses people around health optimization and longevity versus disease care and disease management. If we can be, take over Los Angeles and then move into San Francisco and then New York, and go all over the United States, that would be an amazing vision of mine come true.

Interviewer: Very cool. Okay, last thing, Is there anything you would want to tell the average 35 to 40-year-old about their health?

Darshan Shah: What I would tell the average 35 to 40-year-old right now is even though you feel great, and you feel like you’re able to conquer the world, the beginnings of disease are starting now. You really need to start managing a lot of different factors in your health, what you’re eating, how much you’re sleeping, detoxing your environment, watching your hormonal health. There’s a lot you need to know about now that if you can head off disease processes starting now, even though you feel great, because our bodies are so super resilient to symptoms of disease developing. It really takes 30 years for you to feel bad, but the disease starts in your 30s and 40s. That’s when you need to focus on your health, and that’s when you need to learn all about yourself.

Kevin Peake: I’m Kevin Peake. I’m President and Co-founder of Next Health. This is something that we are incredibly passionate about. It’s really been a life’s work for us to bring this concept to fruition. I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life. My business partner, Darshan Shah, has been a physician for 20-plus years. We really saw a huge need to disrupt the healthcare industry, and give people the ability of taking charge of their health, becoming the CEO of their own health. We wanted to create an environment that brought the best treatments and technologies available in the world in relation to health and wellness all together under one roof to make it easily accessible for people.

Kevin Peake: All right, so here’s our retail section. We have all of our wearable technology devices. We have lab tests you can pick up and buy off the shelf. We have Next Health custom-grade medical supplements, and we have nootropics, so a lot of really great components to the health toolkit that you can take home with you.

Kevin Peake: Then over here is the IV Lounge. We have a whole menu of IVs to choose from, energy IVs, brain, immunity, hangover, whatever you’re looking for. You come in, you’ll sit down. It’s about 30 minutes. The nurse hangs the IV bag. The IVs will drip. It’s full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. You leave fully nourished and fully hydrated.

Kevin Peake: Over here is the technology wing. We have the cryotherapy chamber. It’s actually the world’s first non-nitrogen cryotherapy chamber. You come in here, and do a 30 minute session. It’s negative 150 degrees. When you’re in the chamber, it takes inflammation out of the body, increases blood flow, circulation. It accelerates the healing process by 30 to 50%. You also, your brain releases hormones when you’re in there, endorphins, serotonin and adrenaline. You come out with a natural high, a natural rush of energy. You feel incredible, like you can conquer the world. I love it. I do it almost every day.

Kevin Peake: All right, then back here we have two types of infrared light therapy. We have an infrared sauna pod, which uses jade stones, infrared heat and infrared light spectrums. You get a really deep detoxification. It heats you up from the inside out. Your sweat actually has 30% more toxins in it than normal sweating. It really helps to push out those toxins.

Kevin Peake: Then in this room we have our infrared LED bed, which has 13,000 LED lights, near infrared lights, far, and blue LEDS, which are antibacterial for the face. The lights stimulate the mitochondria, which are the powerhouse of your cells. It’s going to boost energy levels, immunity, hormone production. It’s good for skin and complexion. That one’s actually my favorite piece of technology that we have.

Kevin Peake: Back here is the Next Health Optimization Wheel, which is really the true essence of what we do at Next Health. You come into the IV Lounge. We’ll draw your blood. We can test your genetics, your food sensitivities, micronutrients, hormones, telomere, thyroid, gut health. I mean, you name it, we test it. See exactly what’s going on internally, and then we custom tailor the services based on what you need. We’re very data driven.

Kevin Peake: When you do your lab tests, and the results come in, you’re going to meet in here with our nurse practitioner. She’s going to go over the results with you. She’s going to do a medical consultation, and then we start you on your wellness journey. That’s the really the exciting part of what we’re doing.

Kevin Peake: Then back here, Again, the rooms are being used. We’ve got a lot of customers. It’s a busy time right now. We have our Next Beauty Division where we do all advanced non-invasive aesthetic services, lasers, fillers, Botox, PRP, all the beautification services to make you look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. Then the next room over is where we do our higher caliber medical treatments. We do stem cells, hair transplants, NAD infusions, and hormone replacement therapy, so treatments that are truly life changing for our clients.

Kevin Peake: This room over here is our biomarker room. You come in here, we can do 3D body scanning. We put you on our body scanner. It spins you around, takes millions of data points of your body, and will actually an avatar and a 3D rendering showing every aspect of body composition. It’s really great to monitor gains and losses over time. You could do it today, do it again in six months, and then we monitor the results on a chart.

Kevin Peake: We also do body composition scanning. We can measure visceral fat, water weight, body composition, and all the internal components. We do 3D facial scanning as well. We can scan your face seven layers deep, see every aspect of skin imperfection. We can show you the aging process. We could even show you what your true skin age is in comparison to your actual age, which is interesting. Then we can show you everything that you can do to help minimize the effects of aging over time.

Kevin Peake: Here’s where clients will typically start with Next Health, with the body scanning, with the biomarkers. Again, we accumulate all of this data, see what’s really going on, talk to you about what your goals are, and then we roll you into all the services and into the wellness plans.

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