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The $300B Anti-Aging Market – Dr. Ronald Klatz – Founder of A4M

Dr. Ronald Klatz is the Founder and President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. We spoke with him at the Biohacker Summit in Toronto, which Prime helped put on, and he shared his insights into the state of the 300 billion dollar anti-aging market and what you can be doing to increase your longevity. Anyone who starts an interview with “what I’m most excited about is the potential for human immortality” is someone who probably knows some things that you would be interested in learning. In this video, he breaks down his advice for anyone looking to live longer into three components:

1. Educate yourself so you can take control of your health. Your doctor should be seen as a collaborator, not as a God who holds all of the answers.

2. Get the toxins out of your body and be careful about what is in the things you are eating, drinking, and breathing in.

3. Improve the things you put into your body by maximizing the intake of antioxidants and nutritional substances.

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