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Comprehensive Biohacking Guide for Men


If you’re a little worried that your age is catching up to how many consecutive push-ups you can do in one sitting, our biohacking guide for men is for you. You should also know that you’re not alone.  In fact, most men reaching the age of 30-40 begin to question and consider their mortality. These men (and likely you as well) feel as though they have so much left to accomplish and want to find a way to “magically” extend their physical fitness into their later years so they can continue to enjoy their life just as they are right now.

Luckily, feeling young and staying physically fit isn’t just a pipe dream anymore. Men of all ages all over the world are accomplishing just that through biohacking.  In the most general of terms, biohacking is DIY biology. When participating in biohacking people take everything they know about biology, throw it out the window and try things that have never been (and most likely will never be) approved through ethical standards and give them a try. In this article, we are going to dive into the basics of biohacking and how you, as a man, can use it to improve your mortality and live your best life. Let’s go.

According to trusted experts in the field, biohacking is pro-active engineering of the body in which an individual with the help of their physician begins optimizing their diet, exercise, and supplemental in a very deliberate way to create a highly personalized stack of activities that help them become the best version of themselves.

Until now, biohacking was a science that was considered far-fetched with a lack of credibility.  Medical professionals gave it no sign of respect and it was believed that only “crazy” and “unreasonable” people would try such a thing (let alone believe in it).  However, over the last decade, credible biohacking research has grown tremendously making a large impact on the method’s credibility.

According to a report by Market Future Research, biohacking as a method of personal health improvement is most accepted in Europe and the United States.  And, although the method still needs growth in the Eastern portion of the world to catch up, it has also grown exponentially as a method of health improvement in countries such as China.  As well as research, the growth of biohacking all over the world can be attributed to the prevalence of chronic disease and the desire to find a way to prolong life and quality of life despite it.  Innovative products, the popularity of biosafety/biosecurity, and the demand for efficient and effective treatments and healthcare are also to thank for the growth of biohacking.

What is biohacking?

Now that you know the basis of biohacking is DIY biology and that it is a trusted method of health improvement, we need to dig into the science so you can understand how you can use biohacking as an innovative method for improving your own health.

Biohacking is achieved by viewing the entire body as a series of systems, breaking down those systems in order to better understand them, and then optimizing those systems to make the entire body function better as a whole. Different components of the body, body system and functions of the body that biohacking is currently addressing include nutrition, fat loss, muscle gain, digestion, hormones, recovery, and immunity.  These systems are addressed by specific tactics that include the use of supplements, medical technologies, and self-quantification.

How to Feel Young Again: Man running on trail

For those of you who are looking to manipulate your body into something better, biohacking is simply taking control of your own biology.  You use tactics such as different supplements combined with approved medical technologies to create the response you want your body to have.  In an article written by Ph.D. Michael Rucker, he discusses a biohacking organization that is using natural elements injected into the body to help diabetics in underdeveloped areas produce the insulin they need to survive.  The specific combination of penicillin and supplements used to create this biological response has not been proven by any type of federal administration. But, for the people desperate to stay alive and find a cure, it is working.

The question that many middle-aged men are asking now is “If biohacking can work for a physical issue as complex as diabetes, why can’t it be used to get my health and body to a place where I can live a longer life?” The answer professionals are giving is “It can!”

What are the benefits of biohacking?

In terms of biohacking, you have likely heard of such as hearing colors, vibrating to true north, and installing biomagnets are not the norm.  These biohacks are applicable, available, and appealing to only a small percentage of individuals in the world, and are not what this health methodology should be judged by.  Instead, biohacking should be judged by simple and widely beneficial hacks for things such as improving diet, mental clarity, digestion, and improving your sleep.

If you want to dive into the world of biohacking, it is likely you will enjoy the results much like other men your age.  Men who have used biohacking to create a better body for themselves have typically experienced two life-changing results; a longer life and increased happiness.  These two things paired together, as you might assume, can be extremely life-changing.

Is biohacking illegal?

Due to the fact that biohacking has not been given a stamp of approval by organizations such as the FDA, you might question whether or not it is legal.  The simple answer is “No”. However, if you are looking to join underground biohacking labs or sell your products on the internet to other biohackers there are a few things you might want to be wary of.  First, the FDA does have the ability to investigate into your biohacking practice. Second, selling a biohacking method or product on the market to mass amounts of people is nearly impossible. But, unless you are looking to do either of these things (which are typically conducted in sophisticated laboratories) you are safe and welcome to venture into the world of biohacking as you please.

Who is using biohacking?

Biohacking is being used all over the world by men (and women) of all ages, races, and body types.  There are current celebrities that endorse biohacking, but more importantly, there are many experienced biohackers and even doctors who share their methodologies so you can learn from them and use them to improve your life.

Dr. Dominic D’Angonstino

biohacking guide men dagostino

Dr. Angonstino is not a medical doctor, but he is one of the most credible individuals in the field of neuroscience and physiology.  He has dedicated his young 30-something life to bringing knowledge and proven methodology to the field of biohacking.  His work includes finding new stacks to prevent cancer and other methods of clinical science that are beneficial in improving health.

Dr. Peter Attia

Dr. Attia is a credible medical doctor in his 40s who has dedicated his life to finding proven methods for biohacking that have the ability to improve your life.  Not only does he really delve into the topic of your diet, but he also finds methods for improving athletes’ performance, curing chronic diseases, and cancer prevention.  Because Dr. Attia wants his patients to trust the methods he creates and because he fully believes in biohacking, he also constantly tests new biohacking techniques on himself so he can be sure they truly work.

Wim Hof

William Hof biohacking guide men

Although he is not a doctor of any kind, Wim Hof is a highly respected individual (in his 50s) in the field of biohacking. He uses his somewhat “wild” and “daredevilish” experiments to defy human expectations of the body and bend our beliefs regarding what humans are capable of.  Some of Wim’s most notable work includes developing biohacking methods that address autoimmune diseases, stress-reduction, boosting energy, and improving sleep patterns.

Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson is in his 60s and proves to aging men that you can still be strong, fit, and physically active at any age.  His biohacking methodology is one most of you are familiar with; the paleo diet.  In his biohacking methods, Mark focuses on getting humans back to the basics of living in order to be their best selves.

Each of these men proves that no matter your age, you too can be a biohacking success. Through them, you will be able to find proven biohacking methodologies you can use in order to create the best version of yourself.

What are the basics of biohacking?

Honestly, it is likely you are biohacking yourself right now and you don’t even know it.  How? Every time you fall subject to a habit or create a new process for yourself you are biohacking your body. Your habits create a change inside of you where your body “needs” something because it becomes dependent on your habit.

Think of your daily Starbucks (or other coffee, food, or drink) habit.  And, don’t lie to yourself, you know you have one. Every day when you stand in line for that tall americano with a double shot of cream and five sugars you are conditioning your body to need that caffeine and sugar. Not only that, but you are conditioning your body to need that caffeine and sugar at exactly the same time every single day. As a result, your body becomes dependent on that sugar and the processes of your body adapt to having it creating an impact on your health and entire body system.

So, gentlemen, if you can biohack your body without knowing it just think about the positive impact you can create for your body when you are consciously doing it in order to make a change.  Some of the most simple biohacking tactics you can use to get your toes wet are intermittent fasting and elimination diets. These two tactics are very easy to follow and biohack your body by reframing the dietary needs and expectations of your body.


For some men, dietary biohacks are just what they need to get their bodies back on the fast track to health and wellness.  Dietary biohacks can help you lose weight, improve bodily systems such as blood pressure, and add years to your lifespan.  Much of the reason health biohacking works is because it helps to reframe your mind to a new way of thinking. It provides you with the knowledge that your body does not need food just because it is a specific time of day.

Instead, biohacking helps you realize the normal systems of your body and what the different feelings of your body mean. For example, feeling hungry means your body is going into ketosis, which an efficient process used by the body in order to burn fat.

So, what do you take away from all of this? Biohacking is simply creating a process or a series of elements that will allow you to change the way your body operates from day to day.  The technical term in the biohacking community for this is called a “biohacking stack”.

How do you create a biohacking stack?

A biohacking stack is a series of processes or actions you take to create change within your body and/or mind.  In order to create a biohacking stack that will work you first have to consider a few things:

What do you want to improve in your life?

Most men considering biohacking begin the process because they want to change one of three things; their weight, their body strength, or their stress level.  And, they want to change these things because they are currently impeding on how they want to live their lives. If you are reading this article, it is likely you would like to change one of those three things as well.

Biohacking is not a silver bullet to perfect health.

Many men who try their hand at biohacking begin because they believe it will be a quick-fix to their problems. They believe that as soon as they begin their stack they will see major improvements and be able to go back to their “normal” lifestyle.  Don’t be one of these men.  Remember, biohacking is a lifestyle choice that often takes many modifications in order to get right.

Your body is different than everyone else’s.

Biohacking is built upon the idea that nobody is the same and that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for health and wellness in our world.  When you begin on your biohacking journey it is important to remember that just because a specific biohacking stack works for your buddy at the gym does not mean it will work for you.  You have to be willing and ready to take the journey to find the biohacking stack that works for you.

Once you have considered the above questions and facts, you can begin to dig into current biohacking stacks other men are using and try them out for yourself.  And, as you begin to use them you (and your biohacking friends) will be able to judge how your body is reacting to the stack and modify it accordingly.

Don’t forget: If you are excited about using biohacking as a method for improving your body, it often takes a community of people in order to find the stack that is “just right” for you. So, don’t be afraid to join a biohacking group or consult a physician for help.

Working with your physician to create a biohacking plan

Before you begin a biohacking journey, you want to be sure to consult your physician to see if you have any major health concerns.  Heart conditions, diseases such as diabetes, physical injuries, and even mental health concerns play a major role in deciding what biohacking methods you will use. If you do have a condition, specific types of activities or methods may be harmful to you and you should avoid using them.  These activities can be outlined by your physician.

If you are visiting a physician and asking them about biohacking, don’t be surprised if they give you the side-eye or run the other direction.  Although biohacking is becoming more widely accepted as a form of health improvement all across the world there are still many physicians that consider it to be absurd.  If you encounter one of these physicians, don’t give up on biohacking! Instead, consult the directory on our homepage to find a physician near you that can help.

Once you find a physician that will assist you in optimizing your life through biohacking (and you will find one) you will need to commit yourself to working with them to find the life optimization and biohacking methods that work best for you. Many physicians who specialize in life optimization choose to work hand-in-hand with their patients in order to understand how their body is responding and to figure out what they could possibly introduce or take away that will work better.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you have learned what to look for in a physician that can help you with biohacking, it’s time to get started! Based on your needs and your age, you can use these different types of biohacking to improve your health and/or mental clarity.

Understanding neurohacking as a method of biohacking

Believe it or not, one of the most common forms of biohacking is neurohacking.  Neurohacking is changing the processes of your day-to-day life and using methodologies in order to change your mind.

Neurofeedback is one of the most popular methods of neurohacking.  According to Dr. Siegfried Othmer, neurofeedback training can significantly enhance the functions of our brain.

Neurofeedback works by attaching electrodes to the scalp in order to listen to brainwave activity.  The activity is shown to the individual who then develops methods to change their current brainwave patterns.  Many men find neurofeedback training to be very beneficial because it is credible and works directly with scientific information.

Another form of neurohacking in Nootropics.  According to Registered Dietician Nutritionist Erica Julson, Nootropics are natural or synthetic drugs that can be taken to improve mental performance in healthy people.  To many people, nootropics are known as “smart drugs”.  Some of the most popular and mainstream nootropics are caffeine and L-Theanine.

Using Neurohacking to change your mindset

If you are dealing with a high amount of stress or negative thinking, you can use neurohacking in order to change your mindset.  According to an article from Corebrain Journal, neurohacking allows people to put themselves at their best by considering things beyond nutrition.  Some of the most popular methods of neurohacking people use to change their mindset include mindfulness training, breathwork, and spiritual practice.  Each of these three methods teaches the mind to control the body to create a healthier self.  If you are considering biohacking at all, finding a method of neurohacking to help change your mindset should be at the top of your list.

Working with your physician in order to optimize your health

In addition to changing your mindset, you can also work closely with your physician to change the functions of your body. These tactics are specifically useful when it comes to preventative health and improving current health issues. Dr. Sarah Gottfried recommends consulting your physician for baseline tests before you begin any form of biohacking.  However, your physician can also assist you in biohacking by prescribing supplements such as peptides or ordering hormone replacement.  Many stacks that include some form of the supplement have been found to be very beneficial.

Using biohacking based on your age

If you haven’t figured it out yet, biohacking works best when it is customized to your body specifically.  And yes, that means determining specific tactics based on your age. Most men get started in biohacking in their early 30s.  At this time, many men are worried about their body, and therefore, the biohacking methods they start with are primarily dietary. Preferred methods include intermittent fasting and elimination diets.

Fast forward to the 40s and 50s and things are beginning to change at a more rapid pace.  Men at these ages begin to be concerned with their entire body and mind and are likely to add in a method of neurohacking to modify their mind and stress levels as well as methods to improve their physical health such as methods of breathing that will improve their hearts.

For men in their 60s, 70s and beyond, biohacking becomes a strategy for preventing serious diseases or even curing current diseases.  At this age, many men begin to introduce hacks that aid against diabetes and even cancer. Furthermore, hacks at this age are more likely to be approved by or aided by a physician of some kind.

Athletes who are a category of their own regardless of age use many methods of biohacking in order to improve their physical and mental fitness.  Neuro Hacks for stress relief and controlling mind over matter are the most popular. However, many athletes also use dietary hacks to control their body fat and build muscle.

What therapies and supplements can I pair with biohacking?

To get the most out of your biohacking experience, you may want to pair it with additional supplements or therapies.   Athletes who are using biohacking can use it alongside therapies such as cryotherapy or infrared therapy in order to boost the functions of their bodies. Other men in their  40s, 50s, and beyond who are not athletes can use biohacking in conjunction with integrative medicine to get the most bang for their buck.  If you are considering which types of therapies or supplements you can use in conjunction with biohacking, it is always wise to start with something simple. Or, consult a trusted physician to be sure what you are choosing is right for you.


As you can see, biohacking is an emerging science with unlimited possibilities for the future. And, although there is still a lot to learn there is more credible research on biohacking now than ever before. The remarkable results of biohacking give promise to those suffering from chronic diseases, cancerous diseases, extreme stress and even common illnesses. If you are looking for an answer to your health and wellness issues, biohacking could be the answer for you.

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