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Guide: Understanding Infrared Therapy Benefits for Men


Infrared therapy is a hot topic in the world of medicine, health and wellness. To put it simply, infrared therapy is a type of light therapy used to treat different ailments and works by using low-energy laser light to penetrate the skin and treat what lies beneath.  Recently, infrared therapy has been tested in treating a variety of ailments.  As a result of the tests, patients and practitioners alike are boasting the benefits of this simple therapy method.

There are many notable benefits of infrared therapy that have stemmed from these studies.  The most notable among them include inflammation reduction, pain relief, cell regeneration activation, wound healing, weight loss, injury recovery, lower blood pressure, immunity boosting and stress relief.

The popularity of infrared therapy has spurred a craze all across the country; the result, a growing abundance of stylish, designer infrared therapy studios in large, metropolitan cities such as New York and Los Angeles.  These unique studios have taken infrared therapy from a medical treatment in a cold, stale room to a luxurious experience that rejuvenates both the body and mind.

What is Infrared Therapy?

Infrared therapy works by penetrating infrared light waves to the inner layers of the skin, muscles, nerves, and bones.  According to, as the light penetrates the skin it boosts circulation which promotes healing, pain relief, and detoxification in that area.

Technically, infrared therapy is radiation. However, when considering infrared therapy, it is important to understand that not all forms of radiation are linked to cancer treatments or nuclear attacks.  In fact, infrared radiation, like the kind provided by penetrating infrared light into one’s body via infrared therapy, is very useful.  As noted in a recent article published by Time Magazine, infrared therapy has even been used for years to help newborn and premature babies grow by keeping them warm without overwhelming the air around them.

Because the most common form of infrared therapy is provided by means of a sauna, it is important to note how infrared therapy (in a sauna or by any other means) works.  According to the Mayo Clinic, a traditional sauna warms the body by first warming the air around it.  However, an infrared sauna warms the body by directly applying a light that penetrates the skin, warming the body from the inside out.  Due to the fact that the latter method does not affect the air around the body in any way, people are able to tolerate the heat of an infrared treatment far longer than they are able to tolerate a traditional sauna treatment.

Furthermore, because the light directly targets the inside of the body, treatment takes place from the inside out instead of the other way around. To illustrate that fact, consider a recent article provided by Light Therapy Options, LLC. describing the fact that once the light has penetrated the skin it works to boost the metabolism, increase blood flow and increase oxygenation at the site.  From there it stimulates the body’s natural processes at a cellular level, restoring health and wellness to the entire being.

What Are the Benefits of Infrared Therapy?

Multiple studies have shown that the benefits of infrared therapy are endless. As a treatment method, it has been recommended by doctors in traditional practices and is also highly regarded by practitioners who prefer a more holistic approach.  The diverse acceptance of infrared therapy as a treatment method proves just how beneficial it is.

Without a doubt, infrared therapy improves the quality of life for the majority of individuals who partake in the practice. It does so by correcting the internal functions of the body back to their intended state.  You see, over time organs and bodily functions become apprehended by personal habits such as diet, exercise, injury, and disease. Infrared light therapy stimulates the apprehended organs and bodily functions and activates the natural processes that will repair and restore them.  As a result, those who use infrared therapy are more likely to experience the natural abilities and positive qualities of their body than those who do not.

The most notable life improvements provided by infrared therapy include pain relief, injury rehabilitation, detoxification, and cardiovascular improvement.  These benefits have not only been noted by individuals who regularly take part in infrared therapy treatments, but also my major studies conducted across the globe.

Infrared Therapy for Pain Relief

Perhaps the most common reason people use infrared therapy is for pain relief. Many individuals have found infrared therapy to be extremely beneficial in not only relieving mild pain but also a chronic pain as well.  In an article published by Pain & Research Management, infrared therapy was studied as a pain relief method for individuals with chronic back pain.  In the study, it was found that infrared therapy using the wrap method helped to reduce chronic back pain by 50% over six weeks.  This type of pain relief from a non-invasive, non-medicinal form of treatment is almost unheard of.


Infrared Therapy for Injury Rehabilitation

In many medical communities, infrared therapy for injury rehabilitation is highly regarded and sought after as one of the best forms of treatment.  Infrared therapy has been known to treat ankle sprains, back injuries, deep muscle tissue injuries, and even brain injuries. In fact, many athletes look to infrared therapy to treat their sports injuries because it is non-invasive, beneficial, and fast acting.  According to Practical Pain Management, infrared therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing properties, reduces inflammation, and improves circulation.  All of which aid in the healing of injuries.

Infrared Therapy for Detoxification

A majority of the up and coming infrared therapy studios in large cities market detoxification as one of the main benefits that can be experienced as a result of infrared therapy.  When the light from infrared therapy penetrates the skin, it goes deep into the tissue.  As a result, the metabolic process and blood oxidation speed up creating a major detox of the internal system.  Infrared saunas, as noted by Dr. North, have been proven to release fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, cholesterol, and sulfuric acid.

Infrared Therapy for Cardiovascular Improvement

For individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease, infrared therapy in the form of infrared saunas can be beneficial.  A study published by Canadian Family Physician in 2009 showed results that confirmed this.  In the study, subjects showed improvement in hypertension when using a far infrared sauna.  For many individuals who worry about the repercussions of cardiovascular disease such as hypertension, infrared therapy can be a very wise option.

Infrared Therapy Dosage and Recovery

There is no specific amount of sessions or time one should partake in infrared therapy in order to receive the benefits because every situation is different.  However, it is important to note that most individuals who experience benefits from infrared therapy partake in sessions more 2-3 times per week.  Furthermore, each session is recommended to be at least 30-45 minutes in length.  Of course, it is possible to partake in the infrared therapy more often than that, but it is not recommended to go less if you truly want to experience all that infrared therapy has to offer.

Likewise, how soon one will experience results from infrared therapy depends on the reason they are seeking infrared therapy/treatment in the first place.  For example, an individual seeking infrared therapy for pain relief might experience some sort of results within their first few sessions.  However, those seeking infrared therapy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on their skin are more likely to experience results after 8-12 weeks of continual sessions.

What are the different forms of infrared therapy?

The type of infrared therapy that is delivered to an individual depends on the results they are seeking.  However, for most purposes, infrared therapy is delivered through infrared sauna treatment, infrared blanket wraps, and infrared pads.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Infrared saunas are an extremely popular form of infrared therapy due to the manner in which they promote relaxation and healing.  Popular infrared studios in cities such as New York and Los Angeles offer infrared sauna sessions for relatively affordable prices, making it an accessible form of therapy for many people.  Furthermore, residential infrared saunas and even portable infrared saunas can be purchased for use in the home. The accessibility of infrared saunas has increased the popularity of the therapy because people find it is a sustainable form of self-care.

Infrared Wrap Therapy

Similar to infrared saunas, infrared wraps are very accessible and widely used as a form of infrared therapy.  Infrared body wraps are made in a variety of shapes and sizes, are portable and can be worn on practically any part of the body.  Furthermore, infrared wraps can be purchased at many different price points and fit a wide range of budgets.  Unlike infrared saunas, infrared wraps target a specific area of the body to promote injury healing and other benefits such as pain relief, increased blood flow, detoxification, and fat loss.

Infrared Pads

Infrared pads are the most widely used form of infrared treatment and are a common household item.  Infrared pads can be laid across the body or put underneath the body to provide infrared heat therapy to a specific area.  Unlike infrared wraps, infrared pads are cannot be worn while the person being treated is moving about.  However, they are the most affordable form of infrared therapy and have been known to provide exceptional pain relief.

Infrared Blankets

A larger version of infrared pads, infrared blankets can be wrapped around the body or laid on top of a person to provide optimal healing benefits.  Infrared blankets do not feel warm to the touch, however, they do work to warm the body from the inside out. Warming the body from the inside out, infrared blankets work very similarly to other forms of infrared therapy, but because they are so close to the body have been known to provide heightened benefits.

What is the difference between Near Infrared and Far Infrared?

When looking into infrared therapy, one is likely to run into the option of Near Infrared Therapy vs. Far Infrared Therapy.  And, although it might not seem like that big of a deal, there are some distinct differences between the two.


Near Infrared Therapy

The most common type of infrared therapy found in studios and other treatment offices, Near Infrared Therapy, is arguably the most beneficial kind of infrared therapy available.  Near Infrared Therapy is typically emitted in a sauna and can be used to penetrate through the skin up to nine inches, because of the proximity to the skin in which it is applied.  Furthermore, according to many different sources, Near Infrared Therapy also emits lower levels of EMF and does not cause stress on the body by heating up the air around it.  Many people who use infrared therapy as a form of treatment because it is more tolerable than other methods.  Near-infrared therapy can be experienced by using infrared blankets, infrared pads, and infrared wraps.

Far Infrared Therapy

Unlike Near Infrared Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy (true to its name) is emitted further away from the surface of the skin.  As a result, Far Infrared Therapy is not able to penetrate through the skin nearly as far as Near Infrared Therapy and is usually experienced through the use of an infrared sauna.  Therefore, although Far Infrared Therapy is still a reliable source of treatment for many, it is not nearly as effective as its counterpart.  Furthermore, many people do not enjoy Far Infrared Therapy treatment as much, because due to the distance from the body it also heats the air surrounding the body making the treatment less enjoyable.

What does Infrared Therapy Feel Like?

Before diving into infrared therapy, many men concern themselves with what the experience will feel like. Common concerns include whether or not the therapy will be painful, and if it will have any lasting side effects.  The great news is, infrared therapy is painless and there are very few (uncommon) side effects that could potentially occur.

When using wraps and/or blankets, and pad infrared therapy has either no feeling at all, or simply creates a warm sensation in the body. If you are using a far infrared sauna you may feel warm and also experience some sweating. However, unlike traditional saunas, when using an infrared sauna you will not be overwhelmed by heat or experience difficulty breathing because the hot air is not surrounding your body.

Does Infrared Therapy really work?

When infrared light hits the body, it penetrates deep into the skin and creates a reaction on the cellular level.  High levels of heat signal the body to create greater amounts of nitric oxide, which is a gas inside the body.  As nitric oxide increases, so does the rate of blood flow. When blood flow increases, the rest of the body is able to function more efficiently and as it was intended.  Circulation improves, pain is relieved, and healing begins to take place.

Infrared therapy has been providing health and wellness benefits for many years. And in recent decades, many studies have been conducted to prove the benefits of infrared therapy are real.  Some of the most notable studies have found that infrared therapy is beneficial in treating chronic pain, serious injuries, reducing anxiety, and promoting detoxification.


Who does Infrared Therapy benefit and what other therapies can be combined for added benefits?

The very affordable cost of infrared therapy makes it the perfect addition to any self-care routine and can be used in conjunction with a variety of other practices to experience maximum benefits. Some of the most popular practices to combine infrared therapy with are cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, and deprivation chambers. When paired strategically, infrared therapy along with these other methods of self-improvement has been proven to provide benefits for men of all ages.

Due to the fact that it is non-invasive, safe, and relatively free of side-effects, it is highly recommended to men experiencing injury or pain, and to men who are seeking to improve their health and wellness.  However, infrared therapy is most commonly used by men who are athletes and/or in their 30s and beyond.


One of the largest groups to acknowledge the benefits of infrared therapy is male athletes. From runners to football players, wrestlers, and everything in-between, infrared therapy has been proven beneficial in promoting healing, relieving pain, and even preventing injury for male athletes.  According to a 2015 article published in the Journal of Athletic Enhancement, infrared therapy was proven to be successful in improving the recovery of power athletes when compared to other traditional recovery methods.  This along with other evidence provided by athletes who use infrared therapy on a daily basis proves that infrared therapy is a legitimate form of therapy for healing.

Men in their 30’s use infrared therapy paired with hydration.

The 30s are the first time many men begin to feel their body age.  Testosterone levels fall, and as a result, the muscles and functions of the body don’t work as they once did.  Therefore, many men in their 30s experience more sports injuries, fatigue, and soreness than they did in their younger years.  For men in their 30s, infrared therapy is a self-care treatment that can help sustain the functions of their body, prevent injury, and provide healing and relief for current pain.  Furthermore, infrared therapy has been proven to help improve energy levels and boost metabolism as well.

Because the body is changing rapidly at this time, men in their 30s need to be cognizant of staying hydrated, especially when partaking in infrared therapy.  Infrared therapy rids the body of harmful toxins, which is good. But, everything harmful that was displaced needs to be replaced with something good and that’s where hydration comes into play. 

Men in their 40’s find benefit from infrared therapy and cryotherapy.

Once men hit 40 they are noticing major changes in their body compared to their 20s.  Typically by the age of 40 men have gained weight, suffered an injury of some kind, and may be experiencing pains they have never experienced before.  However, if men participate in infrared therapy, they can combat these extreme aging symptoms and potentially feel better than ever before.

Many men in their 40s find that infrared therapy is extremely beneficial when paired with cryotherapy.  Cryotherapy is a form of therapy that wraps the body in subzero temperatures to promote healing and pain reduction.  Cryotherapy has been used by many individuals in conjunction with infrared therapy to provide optimal healing benefits.

Men in their 50’s and 60’s and beyond benefit from infrared therapy paired with deprivation chambers.

By the age of 50 and beyond, many men understand the changes their body has gone through and are seeking ways to sustain their bodies and prevent further injury and pain.  As a result, many men ages 50-70 and beyond turn to infrared therapy and deprivation chambers as a health and wellness treatment.  Deprivation chambers are water flotation chambers that block outside sensory experiences to provide benefits such as stress relief, muscle relaxation, pain relief, increased circulation, and improved sleep–many of the things men in their senior years struggle with.

How Much Does Infrared Therapy Cost?

The cost of infrared therapy varies across different practices. Yet, many people are surprised to find that the practice, in comparison with other similar treatments, is relatively inexpensive.  At most infrared therapy studios, infrared therapy sessions can be purchased for anywhere from $25-$100 per session.  Packages and subscriptions to infrared therapy studios can also be purchased in conjunction with other services for $300-$1500.

Of course, it is also a possibility to administer infrared therapy to oneself at home.  In order to do so, there are many different styles of infrared therapy treatment devices that can be purchased at affordable prices.  The most typical style of at-home treatment is a blanket or box wrap.  These can be purchased from online vendors for anywhere between $150-$1500 and above.  Smaller, handheld infrared therapy devices can also be purchased for use at home with prices starting at $50.00.

The Future of Infrared Therapy

Currently, many celebrities are using and endorsing infrared therapy as the ultimate health and wellness weapon.  Some well-known names that endorse the therapy are Lady Gaga, Jennifer Anniston, and Gwenyth Paltrow. They enjoy infrared therapy for detoxification, pain relief and metabolism boosting.  However, just because all of these celebrities are women doesn’t mean men can’t enjoy it too.  After all, men, just like women, enjoy looking and feeling their best!

In the future, it is anticipated that infrared therapy as a treatment for ailments, a preventative practice, and as a common health regimen will only grow in popularity. The proof of benefits at this moment is outstanding, and research regarding infrared therapy is only in its infancy.


A New York City original, HigherDOSE is an infrared therapy studio that is focused on sauna and wraps therapy.  Provided in a clean, relaxing environment, the services you receive at HigherDOSE are designed to completely relax your body while providing relief for pain, detoxification, improved circulation, and skin purification among other benefits.

higherDose 300x200

Haute Sauna Studio

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Haute Sauna Studio specializes in providing infrared sauna therapy to individuals looking to boost weight loss, detoxify their bodies, and find relief from pain.  The trendy, yet inviting atmosphere welcomes both experienced infrared experts and those who are newly interested.  The popular infrared sauna experience at Haute can be purchased in single sessions, in bundles of sessions or as a monthly/annual membership.

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Chill Space NYC

Known as one of the leading health and wellness spas in New York City, Chill Space offers a variety of therapies with a variety of benefits. At Chill Space NYC, infrared sauna therapy is one of the most popular treatment.  The relaxing and welcoming atmosphere offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city for all visitors.  However, as a bonus, busier visitors are able to choose a fast sauna so they can reap the benefits of infrared therapy without interrupting their already full schedule.

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A popular spot for health and wellness enthusiasts, Saunabar in Los Angeles boasts a variety of sauna therapies designed to provide a wide variety of health benefits for all to enjoy.  Of course, infrared sauna therapy is including among the many and considered one of the most popular and beneficial.  Saunabar prides itself on helping its patrons build their healthy body from the inside out and will do everything they can to assist you in making your body the best it can be.

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Pure Sweat + Float Studio

Turns out, infrared therapy is popular in Nashville, Tennessee too!  Designed for celebrities, athletes and yes, even the average person, Pure Sweat + Float Studio offers both infrared and float therapy.  The clean, spacious studio hints at the detoxification and relaxation that will be experienced through the top-of-the-line services.

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Although this list of infrared therapy studios for men is not all-encompassing, it is a testament to the popularity and draw of this beneficial treatment method. At these studios, real men, ranging from athletes to salesmen all over the United States and beyond are using infrared therapy as a method for treating their ailments, detoxifying their bodies, and improving their overall physical and mental health.

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