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Next Health Podcast with Dr. Darshan Shah by Quit Happens

Next Health is the model for what the healthcare of tomorrow is supposed to look like. We bring you a special video courtesy of PRIME collaborator and Medical Editor Lynn Marie Morski, who also has a podcast called Quit Happens ( that dives into the important moments where different people decided to quit what they … Continued

A New Healthcare Model at Next Health

Next Health is the model for what the healthcare of tomorrow is supposed to look like. Dr. Darshan Shah teamed with entrepreneur Kevin Peake to develop the concept that offers medical consultations, several different therapies, tech wearables, and so much more all out of a retail storefront. Dr. Shah says, “I really feel, and I … Continued

Healthy Eating and Living with Wellness Couture

Maybe you watch what you eat and follow basic guidelines. But do you know exactly what foods are best specifically for your body? Do you know exactly what time of day is best for you to eat those things? Is your consumption aligned with the body and fitness goals you have for yourself? If you … Continued

HigherDOSE and the Benefits of Infrared Saunas

  People have been enjoying the benefits of saunas for centuries, but it is the recent addition of infrared light that has multiplied their health benefits. HigherDOSE is providing all of those benefits to customers at their 11 locations, 9 of which are in NYC, and the 2 others are in New Jersey and Connecticut. … Continued

Biohacking Retail Heaven at Preview NY

  New York City’s SoHo neighborhood is home to Preview, the next phase in the evolution of retail. Wrapped in the appearance of a clothing retailer, a step inside reveals a holistic wellness hub that meets the desires of today’s health-conscious consumer. The apparel selection is carefully curated to suit the tastes of their customer … Continued

A Proactive Approach to Aging with Cenegenics NYC

“There’s two kinds of doctors: doctors who prevent the problem, and doctors who manage the disease.” Dr. George Shapiro, President of Cenegenics NYC, shares his vision for what medical care is supposed to be and describes how he and his team are already achieving that for his patients. Through combining the knowledge gleaned from understanding … Continued

Vivace Microneedling Review

Microneedling is used to prevent and treat wrinkles, loose skin, acne, and skin texture. There is a lot of hype around microneedling, but does it really work? Does it actually help you look younger? Does it hurt? What are the aftereffects? Jewelry Designer Rachel Mulherin (IG – @RachelMulherin) answers your questions and shares her experience … Continued

Ketamine – The New Way to Treat Depression

How did this happen? Ketamine, previously only known as a club drug, is now known as a new method for treating severe depression. Not only that, but it is seen as potentially being the most significant breakthrough in treating depression in decades. Dr. Steve Levine, Founder of Actify Neurotherapies, explains how this transformation has happened, … Continued